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Our denture department evolved almost 25 years ago because of our ability to provide quick turn around times on denture repairs. It was our customers who asked us for more and we were happy to be able to provide it! Our skilled technicians are always learning and improving their techniques through training as well as customer feedback. We are happy to work with you to create a wonderful smile and functional bite for your patients.


Full and partial dentures, acetal clasps, chrome castings, Valplast and attachments are just a sample of our more common products. We can provide you with plastic or porcelain teeth depending on your request.

  • Castings

  • Full/Partial Dentures

  • Acetal Clasps & Dentures

  • Attachments

  • Valplast





Our traditional casting is made with chrome cobalt. Upon special request we can make them with Vitalium 2000 metal; known for having less nickel than other metals. If patient allergies are an issue, we can accommodate with alternate materials.


Acetal Clasps


This hypoallergenic material is ideal for esthetic tooth-coloured clasps on a denture due to its strength and elasticity.



We use several types of acrylic to suit the design of the denture and the requirements of the patient; Ivocap and Dentsply Injection Systems or Lucitone 199 are our most common acrylics used.




When comfort is being considered for your denture, the Valplast© Flexible Partial is your best option. The restoration can be made quickly and with no visible metal clasps and patient satisfaction is very high. These dentures come with a lifetime warranty against breakage and fracture for the denture base under normal use. The dentures can be rebased and have teeth added to it if modifications are necessary over time. 




There are many options for quality, shape, sizes and colours from our vast inventory of teeth. Most common shades are in stock however custom ordering to suit your needs are easily accommodated. 

Zirlux Acetal

Today’s dental professionals are increasingly prescribing metal-free removable partial dentures. Zirlux Acetal provides a digitally produced, tooth-borne framework that with its rigidity and strength allow it to be supported primarily by the existing dentition.

Zirlux Acetal Partial Dentures

The clasps on a Zirlux Acetal partial denture framework are more flexible than metal clasps, so they can fully engage the undercuts. This also allows for more minimally invasive case design, as no healthy tooth structure needs to be removed to create rest preps. This material provides thinner, more hygienic, and virtually unbreakable bite splints; and anterior bridges that are smile enhancing as they are more esthetic and are an affordable alternative to other permanent treatment options such as veneers or orthodontia.

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