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Removable Appliances

Our acrylic technicians take great pride in creating customized works of art! Our design sheet allows for patients to pick and choose the pattern of their retainer and other acrylic appliances. Each technician has their own style so these acrylic palates may vary slightly from appliance to appliance making them unique! Custom images and drawings can also be used if they are submitted to us small enough to insert into an appliance (about 1/2 inch diameter).


We will do our best to accommodate each request but some modifications may be necessary. Basic colours, glow in the dark acrylic and sparkles can all be put into the appliances. We are determined to help make the orthodontic process a positive experience for everyone involved!


Our removable orthodontic technicians are skilled and understand the functions of the appliance so all things are taken into consideration; patients needs, cooperation and actual physiology. Each appliance is made with great care and expertise and comes with a complimentary retainer case.


Click here to see our designs and to design your own appliance!

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